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Camp Stories - Elizabeth Miller

Camp Stories - Elizabeth Miller

I walk in the still, empty valley,

Alone, yet overwhelmed,

Suffocating under the cosmic powers

That rule this dark night.


The days are evil - no, this whole age!

My eyes widen as I see ghosts,

Apparitions, phantoms of those I love,

With hollow smiles on their faces

And leaden shackles on their feet,

Following the prince of the power of the air.


But a light pierces the darkness;

With great might it breaks their bonds.

The darkness remains as a lurking cloud,

Ready to consume the brilliance of this Savior,

Yet the darkness cannot overcome the light.


No, on the contrary!

It is You that has overcome this dark world.

Yes, the darkness remains, but it shall be conquered,

So take heart, my soul, take heart.


Indeed, You have come into this world as light,

Into a world that knew no light -

A world consumed by the darkness -

To banish the evil that prowls in the land.

How could a soul escape the corruption,

The wickedness which reigns on earth,

Except through You,

Who opened the door into Your own divine nature?


Into the sea, You cast Pharaoh's chariots!

Into the sea, You cast all our sins!

Into the sea, You cast even a mountain, Asking for nothing more than faith.

Yes, this is the victory that has overcome the world -

Our faith!


You come to us, walking on this sea -

The very sea into which You cast all that is of the enemy.

"Take heart," You tell us.

"Take heart; it is I."

Yes, Lord, it is You - our Overcomer.


Yet who is the overcomer?

Is it not everyone who has been born of God?

Indeed, we are from God and have overcome.

We too may tread on the sea!

Not of our own strength,

Which leads us only back to the valley,

But of Your strength,

For You, the one in me,

Are greater than he who is in the world.


"So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus."

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