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Prayer Declares your Dependence on God - Chase Durham

Prayer Declares your Dependence on God - Chase Durham

Luke 18

The habit of most people is to pray when life gets hard but to ignore prayer when life is good.  In Luke 18, Jesus teaches us how we should pray and when we should pray.  Prayer is not just a weapon to be used when Life is hard but rather it should be a part of our daily lives.  Through prayer we grow in a deeper relationship with God, release worries, seek guidance, and ultimately draw closer to God.  We need to learn to depend upon God during every season of life whether good or bad.

Below are some tools to learn how to pray:

Praying the Bible: Psalm 51

The main thing we want you to do is to pray through this Psalm.

  • Praying through a Psalm is a great way to pray because it does 3 things:

    • First, it focuses your prayers upon God instead of yourself.

    • Second, it keeps your prayers from being boring and repetitive.

    • Third, it allows you to praise and enjoy God.

  • What we mean by “pray through”:

    • Read a verse, think through that verse, and spend time praying with that verse in mind.

  • Example:

    • Read verse 1 “Have mercy on me, O God, according to your steadfast love; according to your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions.”

    • Then Pray something like this:

      • “God, Thank you for your love. Without your love, i would have no chance for mercy for the punishment that is due to me. My sins are so many and so great, but you Father, can take them away, as though they never existed.”

    • Then read verse 2 and pray in response to that verse.

    • Then read verse 3 and respond in prayer.

    • Continue through however many verses you want!


The A.C.T.S acronym is a great way to formulate prayers that center on God.  You can have different students pray the different letters, or you can have one student pray the entire acronym.

  • A - Adoration

    • To adore God is to worship and praise Him, to honor and exalt Him in our heart and mind and with our mouths.

    • Ex: Lord, you are the creator and everything is yours! Praise be your name above all the earth!

  • C - Confession

    • Confess any known sin to the Lord.

    • Ex: Father, forgive me for ________.  Would you please draw me closer to you and make me hate sin more.

  • T - Thanksgiving

    • Thank God for who He is, what He has done, and what He will do.  Thank Him for saving you from your sins through His Son and giving you eternal life.

    • Ex: Thank you Lord, for the gospel.  Thank you for this community of friends that encourage me towards you.

  • S - Supplication

    • Supplication means to ask or beg for something humbly. Ask God for His will be done in your life.

    • Ex: Lord, would you please save my friend? Would you move mightily in my school and use me?

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